Grab your hoe

3/7H (5/7N) 4/10N

This week is farm week, having spent the last couple of weeks upping the number downed in both HM and BRF. We hit the wall at Ko’ragh a few weeks back as we were unprepared for the encounter and since then we’ve been high on BRF fumes and hitting heroic HM to end the evenings.

Some thoughts on the encounters:

Kargath H: Still a challenge for some less experienced guildies as they get tunnel vision on their rotations and forget to be standing in the right place for Bezerker Rush, this boss is so easy and dull compared to Gruul or H+F as opening encounters. Anyone else had the occasionally bug where he targets one player, then another as he starts the rush? And I had my obligatory DC during this encounter this week

Butcher H: Still a DPS race and a fun healing experience, and I like that this is a ‘stand still and execute’ fight. I still want to have a proper go at the deeps on this, but I’m happy with how we heal this now; we all know our jobs and basically pull it off with little hassle.

Twin Ogron H: This encounter still feels RNG happy at times, and waaaay too long for my liking for what is essentially a one phase fight. And seriously, what is it with visual effects not matching the effect size of AOE in this expansion!? The whole fight is just a procession of stand still, heal, move for charge, still get hit, move for that AOE, still get knocked back, fire EVERYWHERE, rinse, repeat.

Gruul: This fight is nice. Simple, requires attention and has a couple of phases that are different enough. I like it, though as above, there’s work to be done at moving out of shit (is it that hard?)

Beastmaster Darmac: This is another long ass fight. As above, moving out of spears seems to be beyond some people (including me for a portion of the evening apparently), and RNGeezus sometimes hates you as he jumps on a ranged player, then decides to get on his mount from there. Seemed easy to heal, just a mana watcher as the fight is quite long.

Flamebender Ka’graz: The fight we have completed in BRF with the most abilities, this seems like a really easy fight now hat we can do it – though the length means that sometimes a wipe happens 3mins before the actual deaths, since minor errors can compound. An’ damn, those weapons are irritating.

Hans and Franz: Easily my favourite fight we have completed so far. Easy really, though the stampers still catch people out and it’s hilarious watching people do it for the first time 🙂

I’m starting to find the other stuff around raiding less interesting in Draenor right now, I have zero interest in the dungeon quests, I’m only running LFR for legendary tokens, and I honestly don’t feel the pressure on that right now. Most days I log in for 15mins to turn over the garrison on my characters and then leave it. Maybe I should start working on those cheevs again…