Hear me now, believe me later… 4/7N 2/10N

Sunday was a good raid night, despite only having 9 geared guildies online.

We hit up Gruul and downed him after one wipe (which I put down as a free pass as it was the OT’s first week tanking BRF) and then spent a good time pumping up on Hans and Franz. Both times we had a PUG hunter with us who reminded me that there are decent PUG players who don’t make crude comments and curse. He might have been so polite because he won 2 items on rolls however…

Not going to lie, I love the Hans and Franz encounter. Complete with an excuse to do ridiculous SNL impersonations the arena is cool, the mechanics were fun and the fight had a nice learning curve to it.

We finished off the night with an abortive Highmaul Heroic attempt and then squished Kargath and Butcher on Normal to open up the rest of the bosses for Tuesday raid night. I got to deeps for the first time ever (yay) but since I got stuck managing stacks (boo) I didn’t hit the numbers I should have done (QQ).


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