We got Gruul down!

It took a second evening of work, but we got there. Funny how ‘last attempt of the evening’ makes people focus eh?

I like the encounter design so far in BRF, and having watched some guides I’m super looking forward to the rest of the bosses – Hans und Franz and Kromog in particular. I don’t know how long it will take us to get there, but I’m sure we will.

We decided to go back to Highmaul next week to get people more gear, which seems sensible when our Raid ranges from 662 at the top to 637 at the bottom (though not the bottom DPS – facepalm).

In other news, Blackrock LFR seems even less like the real thing than Hihmaul did – at least so far. I mean, Kargath was trivial on LFR and easy in normal, Gruul is fine in Normal, but trivial in LFR. I know that LFR exists just to see content, but when a 30 man raid pulls most of the wing at once, it felt weird to just AOE everything and heal through it. WEIRD.

Never mind.

More to come when we start our second raid night in Blackrock with a less caual aim.


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