After a few weeks of progress, we managed to down Brackenspore on Normal last night. I’m super happy for 2 reasons:

1) Lootz for the raid, and progress – yay!

2) Many of our lower DPS players have practised hard and are now posting embarrassing figures.

That’s not to say all out woes over DPS are done, Brackenspore actually only requires moderate DPS and discipline with targetting, but for many players it was a huge step up from Kargath and Butcher.

In other news I got my Shaman to 100, having bought (I know, I know, but my time is worth more than £40) her to lvl 90 11 days previously. I managed to get into an LFR (barely, ilvl 616) and pull about 13k, so I’m feeling about OK about doing that right now. I powered ger up so I can help out the Shaman in our guild who averages about 10k at ilvl 635 (and no, we aren’t telling anyone they can’t play. If we cut our group down to the 10 best we’d all be working on Impregnator N and Ko’ragh H right now, but that’s not going to happy. It’s just not what we are about)

I also hit up Heroic last week with our Pally Healer and the top Warrior DPS, and the PUG we joined beat up on Kargath and Butcher before falling to infighting on Tectus (standard right?)

I’m drafting a post about my UI right now, because I want to record the tweaks I make.



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