Still 2/7N

We hit highmaul again Tuesday night, having reset Kargath and Butcher. They were dispatched swiftly, with only the one wipe on each (including Kargath fixating on me and me not having to move as the fire pillar spawns in front of me… #likeaboss). Both these fights feel really easy right now, as I know what I need to do and the DPS requirements are… forgiving (even on Butcher).

Tectus is another matter. Man does that fight feel chaotic! And by chaotic I mean chaotic if people stare at their action bars and don’t notice they are being targeted until DBM shouts at them and they have already dragged the crystalline aoe into the ranged pack. Chaotic if people can’t DPS through the tectonic upheaval quickly enough to kill the bugger. I’m left wondering how to progress when 5/11 DPS can’t break the 14k number on Butcher, let alone 10k when they have to move.

I have a plan for healing cooldowns and such to deal with the later phases, but there’s no way to test unless we can get there, and right now DPS is a barrier. We’ll see what happens next week.


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