Highmaul (2/7N)

Tonight was the first official raid night for Red Shift and we jumped into Highmaul with 15. Players (up to 16 later on). To our slight surprise (and joy) we managed to down Kargath on the first pull and Butcher after only 3 wipes (one of which doesn’t really count as I accidentally pulled the boss preemptively). We spent the rest of the evening working on Brackenspore, which is a fight filled with orders of magnitude more stuff than either of the previous two. It was great fun to be raiding again and now it’s time to dig into the stats to find out how to improve!

Healing all three encounters felt very different, Kargath felt really relaxed, with only a bit of panic when two of our three healers ended up in the chain whirl, leaving me all by my lonesome. I ran my mana pretty short because of some spamming AOEs during that section of the fight, but apart from that it was fine.

Butcher was pretty brutal at first, not gonna lie. But some nice use of cooldowns and the ability to chain Amp Magic into our druid’s Tranq meant the 30% burn wasn’t the spamfest it could have been.

Brackenspore was a bit of an information overload to be honest for many players, including myself, even if we had completed the LFR encounter (three sets of new boss mechanics in one evening is tough!). And my god it this waaaay more fun than LFR, since you actually have to care about the mushrooms and the horrific creeping moss.

I was disappointed we went to Brackenspore over Tectus, because I think that fight might require more of our time in the end, and it’s just hilarious chaos but it was a nice challenge to end the evening on.

Healing is fun 😀


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